About Gabriel Star

Hi, I’m Gabriel Star. I’m an internet entrepreneur that has run many successful businesses. In March of 2020, I launched this website along with an accompanying YouTube channel to help people grow and enrich their lives.

I teach people how to make money online, how to lose weight, and how to fulfill the purpose they have in this life.

I am determined to help you find your way on this planet.

Want to learn how to improve your life? Check out the blog or my YouTube channel to get started moving in a positive direction in your life today!

I look forward to having you on the journey with me!


The 365 Day Challenge

For the next 365 days, I will edit and upload a YouTube video daily.

I am holding myself to this firmly. If I miss a day, I have to record two videos the next day. By March of 2021, I should have 365 videos on my YouTube channel!

Weight Loss Challenge

Before I published this website I went from weighing close to 300 pounds to 200 pounds. 

I am going to keep going until I reach my goal weight of 160 pounds. I will accomplish this through exercising, eating healthy, and going to the gym.